Monday, January 05, 2009

First Official Photoclub!

Its January 2009, the shadows are long and the days are short. But no matter how short each day brings us new opportunities to photograph, and thats basically the mission of photoclub.

On the last weekend of each month, photoclub will meet at a location in and around London with a theme in mind that we will be training our cameras on. If you have a camera, then you are invited! It can be a point and shoot, a pin hole camera, with film or the latest release of DSLR, as long as you want to take photos you are welcome.
The location and theme, along with two photos from each participant from the previous meeting will be published on this blog- but you would of course keep all rights.

Our First assignment will be on the 31st of January.
Location: Borough Market Theme: Food.
Meeting Point: The churchyard of Southwark Cathedral
Cost: FREE!

I will be there from 08:50-09:10 freezing and waiting for you. If you would like to contact me on 07834768098 to let me know that you are coming I will wait for you, but if not we will begin at exactly 09:15.

Photoclub is ON.


the ninth sunn said...
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the ninth sunn said...

Hey, I love to join in this saturday but I've got a flu & am trying to recover from it badly. Because I'm due to go on holiday next Wednesday for 3 weeks. But anyway, when I'm back, let us know your next Session. I might be able to join you guys. Cheers